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About Indigo Scientific
Indigo Scientific is a small but highly professional family run company, offering the scientific community quality Microscope based systems; Optical HREMDigital camerassoftware and live cell incubation and imaging solutions. We manufacture and offer the OHrem system globally for both the experienced and first time user -  Indigo scientific will ensure you are fully trained in operating the instruments, therefore achieving the fullest potential.

We also offer Complete microscope solutions and highly initiative cell imaging systems with all new types of stage incubation and complete microscope environmental chambers

Looking for a complete imaging system ?
Camera, Microscope, Imaging software ...

We have grouped cameras on this site by the application they perform best in. To find the camera you need look under your application page. There are many more cameras you could choose from so please contact us on 01462 633500 or use the enquiry form.

Indigo believes that the very best way of deciding which digital microscope camera is best for your application and budget is to try some different cameras on your existing microscope. If you would like to discuss your imaging needs with us, we'd be delighted to help you find the solution. We can’t show all of the cameras we have in our ranges here on the web site, but click here or call for more information.
Looking for a new microscope ?

Deciding on which microscope is best for you as a new user is difficult, but with our many years of experience we can help you select the right microscope for you. To be certain it fits your budget, please click here or contact us on the phone number above if you need more support in your purchase research.

Looking for a combination of microscope and camera ?
If you are in pursuit of a single camera for your existing microscope, a combination of microscope and camera or complete systems. Indigo Scientific offer you quality at great prices on digital cameras, microscopes, host computers, imaging software, microscopes and colour measuring systems.

Most important of all, Indigo Scientific provides a great deal of expertise to help you make the purchasing decision that's right for you.

Environmental Systems:

Ensuring the optimum environment for your live cell experiments is essential, we can upgrade your existing live cell system, offer a simple on stage environment or a full Time lapse system.
See “link to live cell here”

Available within the Indigo Scientific range are the quality Progress cameras from Jenoptik. This range now includes the Jenoptik C3,C5, CFscan! For Fluorescence cameras, the MF range offer quality fluorescence imaging performance at a realistic price.

Indigo Scientific digital cameras for microscopes are now so easy to use both from the software perspective and handling of the microscope focus and resultant image that everyone who can use the most basic of microscopes can take fantastic pictures. We offer digital cameras for microscopes cameras from manufacturers all over the world and only include the best in our range.

All new, value for money, image processing and analysis software. Some great new features and this is the easiest to use Image analysis we have ever seen. Click here for details.