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Audio Visual Laboratory Systems:

Indigo Scientific AV systems can be a complete new build or an upgrade to your teaching laboratory, supplying and installing equipment to the highest most up to date Audio Visual standards.
Integrating microscopes and microscope imaging (for example cameras) with your AV system (for example large HD projectors and multiple screens, large high resolution wall monitors, laptop integration for presentations, teaching visual aids) is an essential part of ensuring your Lab Audio Visual system operates to the full, now and well into the future.
Future proofing the system in the fast moving world of Audio Visuals is a must and our team of experts will ensure your needs are met with excellent quality systems using the best professional elements. Also possible future requirements are considered in the system design as a whole.
Integration with your laboratory imaging is essential and so is working with your on site experts and buldings staff so that we can ensure your new AV system is truly a professional part of your teaching facility.

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						Upgrading existing facilities
Upgrading existing facilities