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Axio Scope
Axio Scope
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Catering for everything from simple to more complex tasks. Future upgrades are straightforward and the ergonomic design supports a healthy working position.
This compound microscope system can be equipped with a wide range of objectives, ranging from economical to sophisticated. An achromatically corrected reflected light beam path minimizes stray light and results in exceptionally bright and crisp images. The microscope features a 6 position objective nosepiece and illumination sources depending on your requirements – both halogen illumination and LED are available. Axio Scope is designed to exhibit low susceptibility to vibrations and provides exceptional stability.
The optical system of Axio Scope has been tailored to the requirements of material analysis as for example materialography or failure analysis. The variety of techniques available is unique in this performance class and includes all relevant contrast methods such as brightfield and darkfield, fluorescence and DIC, as well as the unique C-DIC (circular DIC), a polarization technique perfect for contrasting oriented structures.
  • Upright compound microscope
  • Microscope modules:
  • I. For pure transmitted light applications: Transmitted light (with objective nosepiece 6x brightfield, M27)
  • II. For standard fluoresecence applications: Fl/HBO (with objective nosepiece 3x brightfield, 3x DIC, M27)
  • III. For LED fluorescence applications: Fl-LED (with objective nosepiece 3x brightfield, 3x DIC, M27)
  • IV. For reflected light (BF, DF) and fluorescence applications: HAL 100/HBO (with objective nosepiece 6x brightfield / darkfield, M27)
  • V. For reflected light (BF, DF, DIC) and fluorescence applications: HAL 100/HBO (with objective nosepiece 6x brightfield / darkfield, DIC, M27)
  • Bases:
  • A. For pure reflected light microscopy and LED transmitted light applications
  • B. All standard transmitted light applications, HAL 50 reflector light
  • C. For transmitted light applications with high intensity illumination, HAL 100 halogen lamp
  • D. + E. Vario Stand Columns (see Axio Imager Vario)
Contrasting techniques
  • Reflected light: Brightfield, Darkfield, Polarization, DIC, C-DIC, Fluorescence
  • Transmitted light: Brightfield, Polarization, Darkfield, DIC, PlasDIC, Phase Contrast
  • Enhanced Contrast (EC) objective series: EC Epiplan objectives, EC Epiplan-NEOFLUAR objectives, EC Epiplan-APOCHROMAT objectives
  • Reflector inserts:
  • Choice of 2x slider
  • 4x reflector turret
  • 6x reflector turret