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Jenoptik High Resolution Microscope Cameras
High Resolution Microscope Cameras

Colour digital cameras:

Indigo Scientific offers colour cameras for all microscopy applications...

When selecting a camera one of the aspects we discuss with you is the number of pixels you need to get a great image, this will depend on the magnification you most frequently use and varies from around 1 megapixel to 12 megapixels. As a general rule, the higher the magnification the smaller the field of view and hence the less pixels you need. 
There are two main types of chip used in microscope cameras; CCD and CMOS. For the last few years CCD chips have been the choice for most quality cameras however CMOS, though cheaper, is now producing nice quality microscope cameras. However we have found in practise that quality across manufacturers is very variable and choice is highly application dependent. Let us know what you want to do with your camera and we can help you select the right one, CMOS or CCD.
Some brands such as Hamamatsu also offered by indigo scientific are making considerable advances with Scientific CMOS for monochrome like the Orca Flash2.8.

The more colour information you can collect on the specimen, the more accurate that interpretation will be; CCD cameras with colour co-site-sampling algorithms such as the C14plus offer the truest colours you can get.