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Fluorescence Cameras for Microscopes
Capturing fluorecent images is so different to colour imaging that it may require a specialist camera. This is the case if the fluorescence is quite weak. For this reason monochrome cameras are frequently used as a roughly two fold increase in camera sensitivity can be achieved by removing the colour filter in front of the chip. In monochrome mode the background is black and sample signal grey to white on the grey scale depending on intensity of signal. Each fluorescent dye has its own pre-defined colour (emission wavelength) so this can be added to the image via our software as the image is captured.

Capturing low-light samples often requires longer exposure times so the camera can compile the cumulative intensity of light reaching the chip over time. To stabilise the signal over time, most quality monochrome cameras like the MFcool and Orca Flash2.8 have a cooled chip and can achieve a 10-20C reduction in chip temperature. In the adjacent image the Jenoptik ProgRes fluorescence capture software is shown. You are able to image multiple dyes, each with their own exposure time meaning the whole process can take under a minute.