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Heated Glass Table
Heated Glass Table
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Heated Glass Table Heated Glass Table Heated Glass Table
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The heated glass table can be placed in the optical path of any stereo microscope to provide a large, flat, clear, warm surface where several specimens can be maintained at physiological temperature. The combined action of the conductive glass with built in temperature sensor and of the state-of-the-art PID controller with 3.2’’ touch screen and advanced calibration routine ensures the highest accuracy on specimen temperature.TABLE

The Heated Table fits on any Stereo microscope and provides a Temperature controlled, transparent and perfectly flat surface where the specimen can be placed and moved without any obstacle. The built in temperature sensor measures glass surface temperature and provides feedback to the PID controller.
The Table has two sets of supports, each one with adjustable height. The 2 mm thick heated surface can be positioned at a distance from the benchtop ranging from 33 to 46 mm (with short supports) or from 80 to 110 mm (with tall supports).


The system is equipped with a modern PID controller with a 3.2’’ Touch Screen to offer accuracy and simplicity of use at the same time.
Controller and Plate are connected with a fast connector that allows easy replacement of the Plate.

Controller features
• External Temperature Sensor (for Self Calibration Routine)
• Self Calibration Routine
• Two Temperature Channels (Built in Temperature Sensor and External Temperature Sensor)
• Zero Footprint, if attached with supplied suspension brackets

Self Calibration Routine
The self calibration is performed by introducing the External Temperature Sensor in a Petri placed on the Plate and by selecting Self Calibration from the Touch Screen. The controller will adjust the temperature of the Plate in order to keep the specimen at 37°C, right in your lab.


The Data Logger logs up to four T GLASS PLATES via RS232. It is equipped with a Ethernet port for internet connection. Data are stored in a local memory and can be downloaded via Web Application or via direct connection of the data logger with a PC.


CO2/O2 and humidity control can be achieved by using the Conditioning Jar and one of the Okolab Gas Controllers.

A small amount of gas at the desired CO2 and O2 level will be blown by the Gas Controller in the Jar to create a microenvironment at the desired temperature and gas concentration. A water reservoir can be inserted into the Jar to reduce medium evaporation.