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In Vitro Fertilisation Microscope Incubation
In Vitro Fertilisation Microscope Incubation
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Heated Plates and stage inserts keep your samples at precisely the correct temperature. The insert will fit into the centre of your microscope stage or on a stereo microscope you can use a T Glass table that sits over the lower part of your microscope an dacts as the stage onto this you place your samples for standby and viewing.

*CO2/air mix regulators and chambers are also available in various types and combinations.

T Glass Table:
Universal Heated glass surface for Stereo Microscopes. Ideal for embryo selection

T Glass/Metal Plates:
Heated galss an metal circular insert for Inverted Microscopes. Ideal for ICSI.

T Pad: 
Heated metal pad to create a temperature controlled surface on any working Top (Table, Hood, etc)

Objective Heaters:
Keeps Lens at 37C for oil immersion applications