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Jenoptik High Resolution Microscope Cameras
High Resolution Adaptor
Specifically designed to support research in nanotechnology and infectious disease, the CytoViva Microscope System employs a proprietary darkfield-based optical illumination technology, which dramatically improves contrast and signal-to-noise ratio. This transmitted-light illumination system enables scientists to observe a wide range of nano-materials quickly and easily, without any special preparation. In addition, live cells and pathogens can also be viewed at a level of detail not possible with traditional optical imaging techniques such as phase contrast or differential interference contrast.

When using the CytoViva Dual Mode Fluorescence system, researchers can also observe the interactions between fluorescently labeled nano-particles or bacteria and live unlabeled cells. This unique capability can eliminate the need to create computer enhanced overlay images, which require two different illumination methods and advanced software programs. 

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