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Microscope Spectrometers

Microscope Spectrometers, Photometers and associated software for measurement of light and colour via the microscope.

We offer a full range of possibilities for research and routine applications.

Forensic science systems for fibres and paints are installed at many laboratories and universities in the UK and Ireland. These are of the highest quality robustness and reliabiluty. SMCS ONYX offers the fully integrated software for microscope spectrometers specific to forensic fibres.

MicroSpec has been a part of what we do here at Indigo for many years so if you are interested in any information do contact us.

 All products from Indigo Scientific are fully supported, providing a range of service options from one offs to all inclusive contracts. 

Our Microscope Systems are designed to your specific needs. With a wealth of knowledge and experience we can offer solutions to your micro-systems application. Please contact us to discuss your requirements in further detail.

See more by visiting our forensic fibres specialist company SMCS Limted.
Microscope Spectrometers for all applications
Microscope Photometer for Vitrinite / All Applications