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Microscopy Training
Our Microscopy Training Service (supplied by our sister comapny SMCS ltd) provides comprehensive training in the principles of microscopy and in the use and maintenance of microscopes and microscope based products. You are taught by experts in the field who have many years experience in running these types of courses and each course will be tailored to your specific needs.

Courses may be conducted at your premises, on your own microscopes or we'll bring microscopes for you.

On completion of our course, you can look forward to:
  • Achieving greater results from your existing instruments
  • Understanding the techniques
  • Making use of your instruments to the full
  • Keeping your microscopes in good working order, thereby,
  • Saving time and money

To arrange training call 01462 633500
or click here to send us a message.
We provide independent training at all levels, some of the topics might be:
  • Conventional microscopy
  • From basics in light microscopy to specialised techniques
  • Introduction to microscopy
  • Introduction to image analysis
  • Specimen preparation
  • Maintenance of your microscopes
  • DIC, Polarised light, phase contrast