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pE-100wht LED Illumination System
pE-100wht LED Illumination System
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 The pE-100wht is a powerful white LED illumination system designed to replace a 100W halogen lamp, for use in transmitted light applications.  

Histologists and cytologists who are familiar with results from a conventional halogen lamp can make accurate and reliable diagnosis using the pE-100wh. This is because colours will appear the same. 

However, unlike a Halogen lamp, the colour balance of the pE-100wht illumination system does not vary with intensity which means there is no need to make any adjustments.  Many of the additional benefits which LEDs offer (mercury-free, instant on/off, control and repeatability) mean laboratories using halogen lamps will find the move to pE-100wh an obvious choice. 

LED products are more sustainable and energy efficient than conventional illuminators. CoolLED's products have the following benefits:

  • Mercury-free
  • Energy efficient: 80% less power
  • Long lifetime (50,000 hours for pE-100wht)
  • No bulb replacements
  • Reduced risk of eye damage
  • Quiet operation
  • No special disposal regulations