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Slide Scanners from Hamamatsu 


High resolution slide scanners convert pathology glass slides to digital slides. They are then available to view at varying magnifications in many applications on your computer.

Digital slide scanners invite you to share your findings with others across research institutes in a matter of seconds. Via any internet network you can access these findings once it has been converted into digital. Not only easier to store, but digital is safer in that it doesn't have a time limit before it begins to depreciate in quality.

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Here at Indigo Scientific we provide the NanoZoomer series which vary in size and certain types of imaging. For example, the NanoZoomer-SQ is compact and practical if desired to fit into a smaller lab, whilst the newly-developed NanoZoomer S60 supports both brightfield and fluorescence imaging. 

We can also include with slide scanners NDP.view2 Viewing Software to allow great quality imaging for all the NanoZoomer series on your computer. The software is easy to operate and provides viewing at varied magnifications.
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