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Heating and Cooling Top Stage Incubator
Heating and Cooling Top Stage Incubator
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Top Stage Incubator. Heating and Cooling
H101-CRYO + H101-WJC + H101-HM
Temperature range: -5°C - 50°C
Temperature accuracy: 0.1°C
CO2/O2 accuracy: 0.1%
Interchangeable plate adapters
Humidity module 
PC operation through OKO-Control or NIS Elements
The Water Jacket Incubator provides superior incubation stability above and below room temperature. Water is pumped from a water bath into the base plate and into the lid, which are both Water Jackets. 
Temperature Control Mechanism
Temperature is directly measured inside a reference Petri-dish and is controlled by a software PID controller by circulating water from the water bath into the Water Jacket. The software controller reads the temperature in the reference well and updates the set point temperature of the water bath, ensuring a specimen temperature stability of ± 0.1°C.
The Water Jacket Incubator comprises the following equipment: 
T Unit: It comprises the water bath (Basic or Cryostatic), the temperature sensor, the temperature meter and OKO-Control Software.
Incubating Chamber: fits in the microscope stage and holds the specimen. Base and lid are water jackets. 
CO2 / O2 Unit: individual or dual CO2, O2 controllers.
Humidity Module: it comprises a glass bubbling column and a pre-heating coil.