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High Resolution Episcopic Microscopy Mouse Heart

3D Imaging Microscopy with HREM

3D Imaging with High-Resolution Episcopic Microscopy (HREM) is a simplistic imaging technique for imaging samples up to 30mm at 1 micron section spacing. HREM creates huge data 3D models that are easy to interpret and visualise, while also showing 2D sectioning in image files.

What is HREM Imaging?

HREM Imaging is a 3D microscope technique for imaging whole samples up to 30mm at 1-8 micron voxel sizes.



High-Resolution Episcopic Microscopy (HREM) has been used in a variety of interests such as:


-Embryo heart imaging

-Whole embryo imaging at all stages

-Embryo and pup brain imaging 

-Agriculture imaging such as plant, chicken embryo etc 


and much more 

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