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HREM Brain Development Research

Indigo Scientific introduces HREM, an innovative machine designed to advance mouse brain developmental research through the power of high-resolution episcopic microscopy. With HREM, researchers can unlock the intricacies of the developing mouse brain at an unprecedented level of detail.

High Resolution Sectioning

Optical HREM captures 3D datasets with a Z resolution of 1 micron slice depth. With a variable zoom microscope, a range of 4mm to 30mm field of view and a 20 mega pixel output, making HREM perfect for an aid in brain development research.

Time Efficiency

By Using HREM sectioning and imaging is performed automatically, with very little attention needed. Simply start the machine and come back to a whole data set.

High Throughput Sectioning

Optical HREM has shown great success in high throughput heart sectioning. One experiment lasting no more than 5-10 hours depending on resolution and the size of samples.

Multi Fluorescence

Optical HREM can be fitted with multiple light channels in order to image labels. Research has been shown to image these different staining's. 

HREM Brain Research Page Mouse Example

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