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Lab Equipment

Indigo Scientific Lab Equipment

Welcome to Indigo Scientific Lab Equipment Supplier in the UK

At Indigo Scientific, we specialize in providing high-quality lab equipment to meet the diverse needs of biology and industrial laboratories. With our extensive range of products, including renowned brands like OKOLab, Zeiss Microscopes, and Digital Microscope Cameras, we are your one-stop destination for all your lab equipment requirements.

Equip your lab with the finest lab equipment available in the UK. As a leading supplier, we offer competitive prices, reliable performance, and a comprehensive range of products. Whether you require research lab equipment, teaching lab equipment, or biology lab equipment, we have the solutions to meet your demands.

Explore our products, contact our friendly team, and embark on a journey of excellence in your scientific endeavors. Trust our expertise and discover why we are the preferred choice for lab equipment in the UK. Start equipping your lab today!

Axiocam 705 monochrome camera

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OKOLab Environmental Control

Achieve precise environmental control for your experiments with our state-of-the-art OKOLab equipment. Maintain optimal temperature, humidity, and gas conditions to ensure accurate and reliable results.

Lab Equipment Envioremental Control Indigo Scientific

Discover the world of microscopy with our top-of-the-line Zeiss microscopes. From routine laboratory work to advanced research, our microscopes offer exceptional image quality, ergonomic design, and advanced features to enhance your scientific investigations.

Zeiss Microscope Indigo Scientific Lab Equipment

Digital Microscope Cameras

Capture and document your observations with our high-resolution digital microscope cameras. Experience stunning image clarity, easy connectivity, and advanced imaging software for seamless analysis and documentation.

Indigo Scientific Digital Microscope Cameras

CoolLED Illumination

Illuminate your samples with the advanced CoolLED illumination system. With precise control and efficient performance, this lighting solution enhances the quality and accuracy of your observations.

Indigo Scientific Microscope Illumination CoolLED

HREM (High Resolution Episcopic Microscopy)

Dive into the world of high-resolution imaging with our HREM systems. Capture detailed 3D images of your samples with unparalleled resolution and precision, opening new possibilities for your research.

Indigo Scientific HREM (High Resolution Episcopic Microscopy)
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