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Tri-Gas Mixer

Tri-gas mixer for mixing CO2, Air and N2 digitally regulated. Can be paired with any mini-incubator available.Okolab Tri-gas mixer for control of CO2, O2, N2 mixed through a highly precise controller for use with any mini-incubator.

  • Supply to multiple workstations from one CO2, N2, O2 gas supply.

  • Supply a mini incubator efficiently.

  • Control and monitor input gasses and mix to a desired value.

Full Description

Okolab Tri-Gas Mixer for control of CO2/O2 digitally with CO2 Air and N2, for control of concentrations from 0-10%. Featuring an internal sensor module for high accuracy data measurements, with datalogging.

Tri-Gas Mixer performs self-calibration upon a connected calibration gas with a reference gas concentration. Self-calibration is automatically repeated to continue producing an accurate output.

This mixer is highly compatible with any mini incubator.

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  • Output pressure in the range of 0-2 barg (0-30 psig)

  • CO2 and O2 accuracy: ±0.1%

  • Automatic switch to backup cylinder upon alarm

  • Onboard memory for data logging

  • Auto calibration with an external calibration gas

  • 0-10 V or 0/4-20 mA analogue output linear with the actual gas composition, for remote monitoring with an external data logger

  • Contact closure alarm

  • Auto diagnostic procedure

  • VOC-IN-BYPASS (optional): VOC filter's holder with bypass panel to saturate newly installed filters with CO2 before using them with the Tri-gas mixture

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Okolab Tri Gas Mixer can be used for multiple workstation supply. From one gas supply, maintain and accurately monitor supply of gas to all benches.

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