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Microtome for 3D Histology Imaging: HREM

High-Resolution Episcopic Microscopy(HREM) uses a unique, custom made microtome for serial block-face imaging. HREM imaging produces 2D/3D datasets for visualisation of samples up to 30mm at 1 micron sectioning, using a bespoke microtome. 

Automated imaging: Designed for 3D data capture

Imaging isn’t a secondary thought with Indigo instruments, each HREM is designed to image as a priority. Built with a specific imaging platform and adaptable optics, we can put almost any optical system onto our instruments. Each system is handcrafted to your application. We also make our instrument compatible with more than one type of blade.


Indigo HREM instruments put the blade in a way to allow repetitive sectioning. The blade is enclosed in the machine and prevents you from hazards.

Flexible and customisable

With lots of accessories and experience usability is greatly improved with Indigo HREM. With years of block face imaging behind us we know what works, it’s not just about the sections you take off but the face of the block. We use anti-vibration techniques to make the block surface have a close to perfect image.


Our HREM software was also designed for flexibility, with no license and constant updates we provide you with a full suite just for block face imaging. With time saving methods, shortcuts and tools to help make set-up that much simpler.

HREM Cross Section

Cost Effective and Upgradeable

The quality to cost ratio of Indigo HREM instruments is viable for a varying amount of labs and institutions. For an entire 3D imaging system HREM is ideal, with lots of add-ons and upgrades you can get a system to evolve with you.

HREM Ultra Image


HREM Microtome Dual Sample

Multi blocks and samples 

With advanced and precise XY hardware, the Indigo HREM instruments can image up to 4 blocks. But not only can you image 4 samples, you can have as many samples in each block, or advanced holders for more blocks in a 60x60mm XY range. With unlimited capture capabilities. 

Learn more about HREM

Want to know more about HREM imaging, see our page here. To get a quote for the HREM micro or HREM ultra systems fill in the form and we’ll get straight back to you.

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