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Equipment for Hyperoxia and Hypoxia Experiments 

Control of gas levels is the core of any Hyperoxia or Hypoxia experiment, with Okolab products you can achieve not only a high level of control but digital monitoring and logging.


Okolab provides a range of equipment that can be used on existing setups and microscopes for the purpose of Hyperoxia/Hypoxia experiments.

View Gas Controllers Here or all Okolab Products.


For most Hyperoxia or Hydroxia experiments you would first need a way to image the sample. Take an existing microscope, or select a new one with an adequate camera and light source setup.

  • Compatible microscope.

  • A suitable microscope camera.

  • Dedicated chamber.

Incubation or Chambers 

Once you have an imaging setup, an incubation chamber or stage top chamber for hypoxia/hyperoxia will be required. 

Select from one of the following: 

  • A whole microscope incubator, known as a cage incubator, for surrounding the entire microscope.

  • A smaller stage top environment, known as a stage top incubator.

  • A dedicated imaging system that pre-exists.

Gas control 

A gas controller should be picked that is configured to the above choices. 


  • For this you can choose digital control methods such as the Bold Line controller. Or use the manual gas mixers for direct control.

  • For a dedicated setup or for advice on how to create a setup for hypoxia/hyperoxia experiments contact us today.

Gas Control for Hyperoxia and Hypoxia
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