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Microscope Appications page for various microscopy techniques and equipment

Microscopy Applications

​Microscopes and microscope cameras come in many forms, here are common applications these are used for and suggestions for specific purposes.  

Fluorescence Microscopy 

  • Fluorescence microscope cameras

  • Large pixel size cameras 

  • Monochrome microscope cameras 

  • Single capture large sensor cameras 

  • Microscopes with plenty of fluorescence configurations

  • LED light sources for varying wavelengths 

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Teaching Microscopy

  • Cost efficient cameras that do not sacrifice usability or quality 

  • Easy to use, robust software 

  • Smaller microscopes to intermediate microscopes 

  • HDMI cameras and AV labs for who class teaching and whole lab setups

3D Imaging

  • Imaging of mice, zebrafish, plant matter and more.

  • 1-6 micron voxel size.

  • Imaging of organs, hearts and more

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Forensics Microscopy 

  • Comparator microscope setups 

  • Microscope cameras with lower mega pixels, fast chip responsive and simplistic documentation software 

  • Microscopes for analysis, imaging and documentation 

  • Fibre analysis spectroscopy, imaging and documentation

Industrial Microscopy

  • Fast microscope cameras at varying costs 

  • Straightforward imaging with software, for measurements documentation and more 

  • Zeiss microscopes for clear quality and automation

Block Face Imaging

  • Image block face of resin blocks.

  • 2D and 3D Imaging.

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Research Microscopy 

  • High resolution microscope cameras and colour microscopy camera setups 

  • Easy to use software with higher level functions with cell counting, measurement and more 

  • A range of microscopes for smaller labs to larger labs with lots of configurations 

Live cell Imaging and Incubation

  • Stage top incubators 

  • Whole microscope enclosures 

  • Temperature, gas, humidity control 

  • Glass tables for stereo microscopes 

  • Water baths and jackets for precise temperature control 

  • IVF microscopy lab setups with heated mats, whole room tri-gas supply and more 

  • Hypoxia and Hyperoxia Experiments

  • Zeiss microscopes for quality imaging

  • Sensitive and high quality microscope cameras for live cell imaging 

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