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Applications for High-Resolution Episcopic Microscopy (HREM)

High Resolution Episcopic Microscopy (HREM) Applications

Here we showcase some of the applications HREM can be used for, not limited to. High Resolution Episcopic Microscopy can be used to image a range of 3D samples:


  • Mouse, Zebrafish, Catfish, Chicken embryos or most biological matter.

  • Dense tissue and bone.

  • Barley, citrus and more. 

  • Individual embryo organs such as hearts, brains, kidneys and more. 

HREM System Applications

Applications commonly, but not limited to, for HREM imaging. Perform 3D imaging of mouse hearts, barley, whole embryos and more with this cost effective 3D imaging technique.

Barley 3D HREM image

Agricultural Samples 

Visualise 3D samples including plant specimens, chickens and more.

3D image of Dopsophila

Whole Imaging of Drosophila

Image whole Drosophila in 3D at high resolution.

Mouse Embryo 3D Heart Image

Heart Imaging

Visualise 3D embryonic heart datasets at 1-6 micron voxel size. Mouse, Zebrafish and more.

2D zoomed image of a mouse embryo cross section.

3D Histology

Image high resolution 2D images of structures, without the repetition as well as a perfect 3D image.

3D Whole Mouse Embryo using HREM

Whole Imaging of Embryos

Image whole embryos in 3D at high resolution, including dense tissue and bone.

HREM Brain Imaging

3D Morphology Imaging

Image the morphology of samples with high contrast with HREM.

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