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Stage Top Incubator

Stage top incubator for live cell imaging with gas, temperature and humidity control and monitoring on exisiting microscopes.

Full Description

Stage top incubator from Okolab, designed for live cell imaging on most microscopes. With inserts for piezo or XY attachments, these stage top incubators fit perfectly with a range of setups.

This Okolab incubator is designed with an embedded sensor placed into the lid of the chamber, direct and precise temperature readings can be taken directly from the sample environment. This sensor can be used to form a closed loop system with a paired temperature controller for a range from 3°C up above ambient up to 60 °C.

Combine this stage top incubator with CO2/O2 gas supply with the bold line gas control. The gas line can then control humidity with direct humidity control via an insulated tube connected directly to the incubator.

The lid of microscope stage incubator detaches easily with a sliding mechanism, to access the sample easily. Lids can be adapted to allow for direct injection during capture, laser pre-cautions and safety as well as Koehler illumination. 

With interchangeable inserts for:

  • Petri dishes

  • Slides

  • MW plates

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  • Interchangeable inserts for petri-dishes, slides, MW Plates.

  • A Temperature range of 3°C up above ambient up to 60 °C.

  • Attachments for XY and piezo systems.

  • A Temperature accuracy of 0.1°C.

  • A Stage top incubator to place on top of any existing microscope.

Related Products

Stage top incubators are easily modulated with some useful accessories such as temperature controllers.

Bold line T, temperature controllers, are directly compatible with these stage top chambers. With closed feedback from the incubator temperature can be controlled to within 0.1°C.

Paired with UNO or H401-T controllers for easy UI, cycling controls and data logging of temperature while running experiments.

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