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Custom Solutions

Optical Systems Prototyping and Manufacture 

Indigo provides one off or a series of one-off ideas and solutions for research, industry and academia. Make an idea come to life with the expertise of Indigo, with CAD/CAM, programming, workstations, electronic design/manufacture and optical design.

CAD/CAM/Electronic Design 

We work with experienced metal shops to deliver complete systems with metal parts. From optical housing to complete instruments, designed and rendered in house by our team.

Our team also comprises of electronic engineers for sourcing and creating electronic designs for your system. Custom hardware design for control of XY stages, joysticks, temperature regulated systems and more.

Optical Design

Our team comprise of optical experts to help pick a microscope system or for creating one off optical system such as focus modules. Integrate these with software and hardware for a complete optical system.

Software Development

Our in-house software team create software suites for many applications. Windows applications for direct hardware control or image processing.


Learn more about software development


Our skills fit a variety of applications, but our expertise is in:

- Optical systems for image capture 

- Spectroscopy systems and fibre analysis 

- Camera solutions 

- Enclosed systems for imaging such as temperature control systems 

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