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Live Cell Imaging Products from Okolab

Okolab Systems for Live Cell Incubation and IVF

Indigo Scientific has been offering Okolab live cell incubation systems for over 10 years. We are here to help, from general enquiries to help building the perfect system. Okolab offers a selection of equipment for the highest level of environmental control and flexibility with lots of variants and modules.

Okolab have a variety of products designed for live cell incubation/live cell imaging including:

OKOLab Enclosures and Incubators for Live Cell Imaging

There are two main types of microscope incubator, one is the complete cage incubator that fits over most of the microscope and then the stage incubator is smaller and fits directly to the microscope stage.

The cage incubator covers the whole microscope stage, nosepiece and objectives for control of the environment inside. Each cage incubator is designed specifically to the microscope with high quality materials, meaning any existing microscope can be compatible.

Stage top incubators are placed upon the top of the stage and can be used in a similar manner to control temperature and gasses within the enclosed space.

Microscope Enclosure from Okolab
Okolab T Unit

OKOLab Temperature and Humidity Control

Okolab temperature unit (Bold Line T Unit) for warm air production. With a temperature range from 3-45 degrees an accuracy of 0.1 degrees. Controlled via an oko-touch system, this temperature unit will produce repeatable results for experiments for long periods.

Water jackets with the required water bath allow for temperature control of above and below room temperature. Allowing from 10-15 degrees Celsius below temperature, to 60 degrees.

Gas Control with O2 and CO2 for Live Cell Incubation

Okolab Bold line Gas Controllers control of CO2 and O2 are controlled precisely via one of many CO2 controllers. Hypoxia and hyperoxia experiments are easily undertaken with data logging available.

Okolab tri-gas mixer

Contact Our Okolab Experts

We are here to answer any questions you may have about OKOLab or Live cell incubation/Live cell imaging. Reach out to us and we'll respond as soon as we can.


Thank You!

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