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Coolled Illumination

Coolled provide LED microscope illumination at varying wavelengths and models for imaging without the downsides of traditional illumination sources such as health hazards and costs.

Products consist of single wavelength LED microscope illumination systems such as the pE 100 and pT 100 to the pE 4000 with 16 LEDs at varying wavelengths.

Microscope illumination systems cover almost every microscopy application. Coolled illumination can be used with a fluorescence microscope light microscope and as a light microscope illumination system.

Benefits of Coolled Microscope Illumination:

  • Fast switching times

  • Individually selectable LED channels

  • Long lifetime

Coolled Models

Coolled pE 100 microscope illumination for control of 1 individual LEDs across 365 to 770nm from a single light guide. For more information contact us.


COOLLED pE-100 contains one channel LED microscope illumination system.

  • 1 individual microscope illumination channel (multiple selections from 365 to 770nm wavelength).

  • Can be used with a light guid or directly connected to the microscope.

  • BNC control with a desktop controller with an intensity adjustment.

Coolled pE 400 microscope illumination for white light and four individual controllable channels across 365 to 635nm. Contact for more information.


COOLED pE-400 featuring two main variants.

  • Replace a white light source with the pE-400 for a fast-switching microscope light source.

  • pE-400 max for adjusting 4 individual channels.

  • Connect with a light guide or direct coupling.

  • Control with a USB, BNC input or the desktop control box.

Coolled PE 800 microscope illumination for microscopy, featuring 8 individual LED lines, covering 365 to 750nm. Contact for a quote or more information.


COOLLED pE-800 for 8 channel control with 2 variants.

  • Standard pE-800 controls 8 wavelengths between 365nm and 750nm.

  • pE-800 Fura controls LEDs between 340nm to 635nm.

  • The pE-800 microscope illumination connects directly to a light guide.

  • Control via USB and TTL.

Coolled pE 300 microscope illumination for control of 4 individual LEDs across 365 to 770nm from a single light guide. For more information contact us.


COOLLED pE-300 features 3 main variants.

  • Lite variant for fluorescence illumination covering DAPI, FITC, TRITC, CY5.

  • White variant is an advanced white LED microscope light source.

  • Ultra features 3 controllable channels with pre-installed filter holders for each channel.

  • Global shutter or individual control based on variant via BNC.

  • USB control of intensity of microscope illumination.

Coolled PE 4000 illumination for control of 16 individual LEDs across 365 to 770nm from a single light guide output. For more information contact us.


COOLLED pE-4000 with 16 selectable channels.

  • Covering a wavelength range from 365nm to 770nm for fluorescence microscope illumination.

  • Expansion box for controlling each line individually.

  • USB control of lines and BNC control.

  • Desktop controller for channel control and intensity without a PC.

Coolled pT 100 microscope illumination for control of 1 individual source across 525 to 770nm from a single light guide. For more information contact us.


COOLLED pT-100 features one channel LED featuring 4 variants.

  • pT 100 for a replication of a halogen bulb microscope illumination system in LED.

  • 3 variants for fluorescence from 525 nm,635nm and 770nm.

  • Directly attach to the microscope or to a light guide.

  • Desktop controller with a BNC input for IO toggle.

Contact Our Microscope Illumination Experts

We are here to answer any questions you may have about Coolled Microscope Illumination products or services. Reach out to us and we'll respond as soon as we can.


Thank You!

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