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3D Viewer

3D viewer is a simplistic volume viewer for 2D images, ideal for HREM images. It is free to use and is available on windows 10/11.


3D Viewer is a simplistic software that can view HREM style volumetric datasets from 2D image stacks.

  • Images are processed optionally (CLAHE, resize and simple background subtraction).

  • Input images are stored to allow modification of the original series, this allows for live rendering of images.

  • Alter the window/level of 3D render, as well as colour controls.

  • Process 3Ds in real time along with High-Resolution Episcopic Microscopy (HREM) experiments.

  • Save configurations in config files for easily loading samples.

  • The viewer accepts .tif,.tiff,.png,.bmp,.jpg,.jpeg. Traditionally for imaging mice, zebrafish, plant matter and more.

This 3D viewer is free for use to all, it is in its infancy and will be updated with features and changes, but any feedback is welcome. It allows users to share data easily with other users for free.

Volume 3D created with the 3D viewer of Mouse Embryo

Simple HREM 3D Tutorial

Here we process a 2D stack in 3D, this is an embryonic mouse heart at 10% resolution from what was captured.

  • The images are processed (downsized if necessary), in this case the images are already processed.

  • The 3D is altered to reflect the correct opacity and colour parameters.

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