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We provide software for all types of imaging and acquisition as well as data management. We make some software openly accessible to all for the use of science without license.

Free Software from Indigo/SMCS

Software for imaging applications that can be downloaded for free online by all users.

Stitching Wizard

Stitching Tool

Combine whole stacks or individual images with the translation tool stitching wizard. With a variety of ways to combine images and stacks easily for HREM or biological images. Its also free to use!

3D Viewer for 2D Images

3D Viewer

Visualise HREM stacks in 3D simply with this 3D viewer tool. A simple and free piece of software for fast processing, resizing and volume display.


Utilities 3D Software Volume Rendering

Optical HREM Utilities

3D whole stacks fast while using an optical HREM instrument or simply to demonstrate live. With stack processing and basic stitching tools.

Microscope Camera Software



Jenoptik Gryphax is a bundled imaging suite for Jenoptik microscope cameras featuring tools such as stitching and Z stacking.



Zen microscope camera software for zeiss axiocam.

Software Design

We offer software design/prototyping services for optical systems, spectrometers, hardware control and more. For full suites of software for your specific needs check out our software page.

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