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CO2/O2 Gas Controllers

Okolab provide a variety of gas controllers for a variety of applications, such as IVF and live cell imaging. Control O2 and CO2 sources with automatic and manual mixing of input supply. 

Paired with control systems such as the Oko-touch for cycling of gas levels along with active humidity modules that alter humidity in the gas line. 

View all okolab products here.

  • Gas Control for Microscope Incubators.

  • Humidity Control for Incubators.

  • Manual or Automatic Gas Mixing for Enclosures and Incubators.

Manual Mixer

Manual CO2 O2 Gas mixers for analogue of gas. These manual air gas mixers come in multiple configurations, either Air/CO2 mixing or Air/CO2/N2 or Air/CO2/N2 connected to direct supply or an air pump.

  • Gas mixing is visualised with accurate ball flow meters for each gas channel.

  • Hypoxia and hyperoxia experiments can be performed.

  • Mixing of CO2/Air/N2 manually via external sources.

  • Can be provided with an air pump.

Bold Line Gas Controllers

Control gas inputs of incubators with the Bold Line Gas Controller. Mix CO2/N2/O2 in cycles and through a program.

  • Bold line controllers for Microscope Incubators.

  • Control Humidity of gas directly.

  • Control gas levels in Microscope Cage Incubators.

Tri-Gas Mixer

Tri Gas Mixer for mixing concentrations of 0-10% of CO2, Air and N2 at a pressure of 0-2 barg(30 psi).

Featuring on board datalogging, contact closure alarm, auto diagnostic procedure. With an in-built factory CO2-O2 module for precise 0.1% control of the output gas.

This mixer is compatible with all bench-top incubators, available in 1.5L/min or 15 L/min.  

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