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Products and Services

We provide a range of high quality, tested products and services for:

  • Industry

  • Research

  • Academia

Specialising in digital imaging though microscopes and preservation of samples with okolab incubation.

Digital Microscope Camera

Microscope Cameras

Microscope cameras for imaging from Jenoptik and Zeiss.

Browse Microscope Camera page.

High Resolution Episcopic Microscopy Product

HREM Systems

High Resolution Episcopic Microscope systems for 3D imaging.

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Zeiss microscopes for inverted, stereo and upright imaging. 

Browse Zeiss Microscopes.

Microscope Illumination

Microscope Illumination

Coolled microscope illumination for bright field and fluorescence light sources.

Browse cooled illumination.

Okolab Incubation Products

Okolab Products

Okolab products for live cell incubation, such as CO2/O2 control, temperature control and monitoring.

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