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Microscopes UK and Microscopy Techniques

Microscopes and Microscopy Techniques

A range of microscope and microscopy techniques for imaging and analysis including:

  • Inverted and Upright microscopes.

  • High Resolution Episcopic Microscopy for 3D data.

  • Zoom microscopes.

  • Stereo microscopes.

  • LED Light sources.

Zeiss Microscopes

Zeiss Microscopes

Zeiss microscopes for a variation of microscopy applications from fluorescence microscopy, inverted microscope for cell culture and standard light microscope. With all major categories:

  • Inverted Microscopes

  • Upright Microscopes

  • Stereo Microscopes

  • Zoom Microscopes

Browse zeiss’ top quality microscopes here.

Microscope Illumination

Microscope Illumination

Microscope Illumination for fluorescence and white light, LED controllable light sources with a variety of options.   

Browse LED Illumination light sources.

High Resolution Episcopic Microscopy (HREM) Technique for 3D Imaging

High Resolution Episcopic Microscopy (HREM)

High Resolution Episcopic Microscopy (HREM) for imaging tissue and bone down to 1 micron resolution in 3D. Designed and manufactured by Indigo Scientific.

Learn more about HREM here.

Inverted Microscopes

Inverted Microscopes

Inverted microscopes for research and industrial applications. 

Browse inverted microscopes.

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