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Spectrometers for Fibre Analysis

Indigo Scientific is a sister company to SMCS, direct dealer for J&M microsystems in the UK and Ireland. Delivering fully comprehensive fibre analysis spectrometers and software.

Comprehensive Fibre System

A fast easy to use spectrometer paired with a microscope for analysis of fibres. Accurately represent fibres in the colour spectrum with the option for UV.

  • Image aperture window through a microscope attachment.

  • Capture spectra information directly through the fibre giving accurate colour information.

J&M Fiber

Dedicated Software

With dedicated software for fibre analysis with:

  • Database storage.

  • Aperture overlay on cameras.

  • Graphing functions such as comparison tools, peak picking and more.

J&M Spectrometer

Pricing and Questions

Contact us for a quote or information on configurations.

J&M Mic Out 3

Contact our team

Contact our team for a quote or more information on forensic fibre systems.


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