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Fluorescence Microscopy Imaging using a Microscope

Fluorescence Microscopy

Fluorescence microscopy requires some of the most demanding products for imaging and exciting fluorescence. A typical fluorescence setup consists of: 

  • A high quality microscope, inverted or upright and sometimes zoom. 

  • An excitation light source. 

  • Filters for both excitation and emission. 

  • A carefully selected fluorescence microscope camera. 

Microscopes for Fluorescence 

Zeiss microscopes are top quality microscopes that produce fluorescence images through high quality optics. With a selection of inverted, zoom and upright microscopes.

Zeiss fluorescence microscope

Fluorescence Light Sources and Filters 

Most microscopes are supplied with traditional halogen setups, which require filtering using filter wheels or individual filters for fluorescence imaging. 


With Coolled illumination sources, such as the pE-800, filters can be placed over the individual LED channels for fast switching and illumination. Narrow a specific band without having to have a filter set. 

pe 800 fluorescence light source

Microscope Cameras 

Fluorescence microscope imaging requires a specific camera. View our dedicated page for fluorescence microscope cameras.

Fluorescence microscope camera
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