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Computer Programming

Software Design Solutions

Indigo Scientific provide software solutions for research, academia and industry. Our in house software team provide users with thought out software suites for a range of tasks.

Software Design Process

Using Indigo for software design is easy with our engineers involved from start to finish. From specifications to final implementation.

Micro Chip


Specifications and Design

Talk to us to understand your needs and requirements such as lead time, software specifications and basic design and layout with one of our engineers.


First Introduction

Receive the first software release with a period of time for entitled bug fixes and changes as required.


Optional Maintenance and Udates

Once in use, we can optionally update the software and provide you with more features as requested.

Complete Dedicated Solution

Our solutions are well thought out Windows applications delivered to you in the form of software suite to download on your terms. Applications are created based on your specification and as specific as you like, take a simple script and turn it into a software suite for your lab, company or institution.

Image Processing

We specialise in image processing and capture, with over 20 years’ experience in microscopy Indigo can provide a system for your needs.

Control microscope cameras via an advanced software suite, interfaced with controls such as exposure, contrast etc.

Perform image processing techniques such as:

  • Fourier analysis and filtering

  • Stitching and image overlays

  • In line filtering

  • Colour analysis

  • More

Complete Dedicated Solution

Visualise data in charts or through lots of available controls, export whole images as CSV files or more.

  • Create word, excel, PDF reports

  • Charts such as bar charts, 3D charts, line charts etc

  • Visualise images and live feeds

  • Prompts for performing QC processes via on screen text, buttons etc

Hardware Control

Control components via dedicated a software solution, either through user provided hardware (custom designed parts) or via off the shelf parts we can provide a solution. Interface high level software with components for precise automation.

Control items such as:

  • Filter wheels, sliders, motors etc (on request we can make specifically designed hardware)

  • Heating/cooling controllers

  • Whole microscope setups

  • Anything with a serial port

Contact our team

Contact our team to setup a meeting with our engineers and support team to work through your idea. 


Thank You!

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