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IVF Equipment for Labs

IVF equipment for labs and research, for temperature control with okolab instruments and accessories.

Heated mats for IVF cell imaging

Heated Mats for Any Surface

A simple yet effective heating pad that can be placed on any surface for creating a temperature-controlled surface.

  • A temperature ranges from 27 degrees Celsius to 45 degrees Celsius.

  • Can be used on any surface.

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Stereo Glass Stage

Glass Heated Stages for Stereo Microscopes

Okolab heated stages provide a heated platform to place onto an existing stereo microscope. The platform is heated directly by a small T-Penny in line controller with an accuracy of 0.1 degrees Celsius.

  • Okolab heated plates are adjustable to any stereo microscope.

  • The stage can be heated up to 60 degrees Celsius and maintained at this temperature.

  • A high-quality ITO glass for direct and efficient heating.


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Heated Microscope Stage Insert

Heated Inserts for Microscope Stages

Inserts that fit into existing microscope stages for Nikon, Zeiss, Leica and more for both upright and inverted configurations.

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Zeiss Stereo Microscope

Stereo and Zoom Microscopes for IVF

Choose from high quality Zeiss microscopes for observation with a heated stage setup.


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Temperature controllers for IVF Treament Labs


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