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Microscope training and servicing UK

Microscope Servicing, Training and Repair

Indigo provides and can arrange servicing and repair for most modern microscopes as well as older microscopes. We can also arrange training on equipment at users premises for a range of techniques and use cases.

Microscope Training

Indigo Scientific provides comprehensive microscope training to improve users microscopy skills. This training most applications and microscopes in the UK.

Microscope Training Session

Course topics include:

  • Conventional microscopy

  • From basics in light microscopy to specialised techniques

  • Introduction to microscopy

  • Introduction to image analysis

  • Specimen preparation

  • Microscope maintenance

  • DIC, polarised light, phase contrast

  • Other topics as requested...

Microscope Training using Pipette

Training benefits:

On course completion you will be able to:

  • Achieve greater results from your existing instruments

  • Understand new techniques

  • Make optimal use of your instruments

  • Understand how to keep microscopes in the best working order

  • Ultimately save time and money

Microscope Slide

Course locations:

Courses may be conducted at your premises on your own microscopes, or we can bring microscopes to you.

Microscope Repair and Microscope Servicing of PCB

Microscope Servicing &
Microscope Repair

Indigo provides servicing of microscopes in the UK and repairs for most instruments. Contact us for more information.

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