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Stitching Tool for 2D Images

Stitch/combine stacks or individual images with the translation tool kit from Indigo Scientific.  Designed for HREM images but can be used with all types of grey scale images.

This is a free stitching tool utility for monochrome images. Download the application for windows (Windows 10 x64) here. 

Row Column Stitching

Stitching tool HREM

This stitching mode is an easy way to combine automated positions captured from an XY. Where each row and column is perfectly spaced. The stitcher will ask you to manually place the rows and columns and manually you combine the images.

This can mean you can create accurate large stitches with not much in the way of PC resources. The picture above shows a 2x2 stack stitched from a HREM image.

The images are blended to create a perfect blend of focus and illumination between images. When the translation is found it can then be applied to a stack or other images.

Map Stitching

Map Stitching.jpg

Combine images together completely manually with no blending with the map mode, this allows you to combine any image together on one big map. This mode does not blend images, but can be used for non patterns.

Auto Stitching

A feature finder is used to combine images, although this takes out the user computation itr can mean higher resources required and can take a while. Or end in failure. But for smaller scans is a simple way to create stitches.

Stack Alignment

Sometimes with image stacks Z alignment of two individual stacks is necessary, such as an issue with alignment. This tool takes two images and moves the images at the point where you request to make them fit manually.

Z Alignment Software Example
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