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Live Cell Imaging Incubators Guide

Here we go other a guide on how to choose an incubator and what parts to pick.

Stage Top Incubators

There Are two categories of controllers for stage top incubation:

  • UNO Controller - For control of temperature with the option of manual humidity and manual gas control(pre-mixed or air and CO2).

  • Bold Line Controllers - For automated control of gas, humidity and temperature.

Whole microscope incubators can be adapted to your needs using the Bold Line series to connect to.


The UNO comes in 3 main variants:

  • UNO-T – for only temperature control on the stage.

  • UNO-T-H-Premixed – for using premixed gas, humidified with a flow control, direct to the stage incubator. This includes digital temperature control.

  • UNO-T-H-CO2 – same as pre-mixed with flow control on CO2 and Air, use Oko-AP if pressurised air not available.

Bold Line Stage Incubator

The bold line series comes with a multitude of gas controllers to choose from, all digital bold line CO2 controllers come with higher accuracy than the manual gas controllers offered in the UNO version. Here you can see the options available for the boldline.

Okolab Boldline Stage Incubator

Whole Microscope Incubators

Whole microscope incubators wrap round the entire microscope, these can be made to order or for existing microscopes. They can consist of gas, humidity and temperature control in the enclosed space.

Okolab microscope enclosure setup

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