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Next Generation Optical HREM by Indigo Scientific

Indigo Scientific have been manufacturing Optical HREMs for the last 7 years. With papers being released worldwide in a variety of subject areas within Developmental Biology as well as Agricultural Research.

Now we are proud to present our new and improved next generation release. Built upon the same ideals, we have re-imagined the design with the help of customer feedback.

The new an improved generation of Optical HREM boasts a multitude of improvements to the original design with some exciting new features.

Fluorescence Imaging

Optical HREM Revision 2 gives way to multi-fluorescence imaging. Allowing users to perform up to 4 illumination channels and an unlimited amount of captures per section.

The new illumination system allows for control of the channels intensity individually. Faster paced optics and mechanics allow for faster transitions between channels, reducing overall experiment times.

High Throughput

Increasing the throughput of Optical HREM imaging has been the main goal with this release. By increasing the amount of samples per section, overheads are reduced dramatically, the Optical HREM can now image comfortably 4 blocks. A block can contain as many samples as possible.

Higher Resolution

The new generation of Optical HREM is designed to allow for higher detail in small samples, and greater detail in larger samples (greater than previously possible). With adapted optics and faster exposure times Optical HREM can now achieve high resolution scans such as the image below, giving you incredibly detailed 2D data.


The new Optical HREM is filled with brand new hardware modifications, such as a larger space in the unit, multi blade support and most importantly the XY Stage. To which the above would not be possible. The Optical HREM can now seat 4 blocks comfortably and image a scanning area to to the largest of samples.

Optical HREM also now delivers upgrades to the existing microtome for noise and vibration reduction, allowing for range of sample density.


Optical HREM now comes with a completely re-written package with speed in mind, giving you the flexibility to perform any kind of experiment.

We love hearing your feedback and bring out updates to ensure you can do all you need with Optical HREM.

The next generation will be compatible with upgrades to incorporate a range of techniques. If you are interested in adapting Optical HREM get in touch and lets see what we can do.

HREM Revision 2 Available Now, be sure to Contact Us for more information.


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