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Optical HREM Micro - Affordable 3D Morphology Imaging

HREM Micro Model imaging a sample
Micro with Optics

Optical HREM Micro the versatile, compact, bench-top version to the HREM Ultra. Uniquely visualising samples up to 25mm in X,Y and Z planes at a resolution of up to a micron.

Micro refers to the reduced size platform which allows this instrument to fit into most labs. Streamlined to complete simple, yet exceptional, 3D stack imaging.


  • Imaging of samples up to 25mm XY optical in a single shot at 1 micron sectioning

  • Aligned 3D data from a series of 2D image stacks at 20 megapixels*

  • Reliable sectioning platform, with anti-vibration and speciality features for stability mediums such as poly-cut etc

  • Smaller form factor, beneficial to compact environments

*Specifications can be increased or reduced upon request


Functional Imaging

Micro provides a functional, full block face 3D imaging system. A custom sectioning platform built specifically for this application, PC (With Software), Image Acquisition Modules, Section Extraction, Non-Stick Sample Moulds, Chucks and more. We provide the full kit to help get you started with 3D HREM imaging, using the micro system.

The Micro is designed custom and assembled in the UK, with each system being made to order and a lead time of 6-8 weeks, including a full system test. We will listen to your application and requirements in order to adapt the micro to do so. Our team are available to install the unit on site and run through all the opportunities the micro can offer.

Get in touch to see what we can do for you.


High Quality Data

HREM Mouse Embryo
Example HREM Image

Micro produces comparable high quality data as standard imaging in the ultra and previous revisions of Indigo Optical-HREM systems.

Micro includes upgrades to previous models such as a reduced vibration cutting platform, as well as advanced gripping sample holders. Micro can also be adapted in the future to perform multiple illumination sets, but comes standard with 1 illumination set e.g. for imaging standard HREM samples.


Micro vs Ultra Sectioning Systems

HREM Micro Model on Desk
Micro Model With PC

This imaging system is a robust imaging platform that can perform HREM and other block face imaging. It allows for single section capture of a field of up to 25mm. The Micro system is designed for single shots with a comparable resolution to the ultra in a similar mode.

Ultra systems provide a scanning system with lots of add-ons and performance enhancing features. The ultra comes standard with a custom made XY stage and joystick for scanning and multiple sample capture. The ultra gives lots of flexibility as well as variety in terms of imaging with more advanced illumination systems and space for multiple samples.

Still can't decide? Get in touch.


Full Automation

As with all our systems, sectioning components are fully automated for entire autonomous imaging after setup. The system performs accurate encoded sectioning with a dedicated software designed for 3D HREM block face imaging.

Logo Showing HREM Acquire Software
OHREM Acquire Software

Tailored software provides Indigo instruments with lots of benefits such as no annual license fee, feature requests, direct support and more. The Acquire software provides integration and flexibility for HREM systems with lots of options and settings that make serial block face imaging easier. Indigo can also integrate alternative hardware and modules to help further experiments with the micro.



As each order is built custom by our team feel free to ask us about customisation or modifications. We can modify the instruments to incorporate different technology and integrate with our custom software.

Indigo believe in giving customers the best possible products and support, our products come with a team ready to help from initial questions, purchase to support.


Interested in high quality images to achieve 3D HREM in your laboratory?

For specifications, view the dedicated HREM page or contact us.


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