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Active Humidity Module (HM-Active-Standalone)

Active humidity module and standalone controller for digital control of humidity from 50-95%.

Full Description

Humidity control with the HM-ACTIVE-STANDALONE a controller for precise measurement and adjustment of humidity control of gas lines to an incubation chamber.

Using the HM-ACTIVE to heat a base of distilled water to introduce humidity into the gas line. Supplied through a heated tube to the sample, heated for moisture reduction.

The HM-ACTIVE-STANDALONE does not need any extra controllers and can control humidity to the sample directly.

Categories: Okolab Live Cell Incubation, Okolab Products


  • Humidity Sensor Resolution: 1%

  • Humidity Range: 50-95%

  • Heated tube for moisture reduction at sample

  • Dedicated controller for digital control of the system without another controller.

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This active humidity control module can be paired with an OKO-Touch for direct control and easy UI.

The standalone unit connects via the bottle directly to the stage top incubation unit. Designed for live cell imaging.

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