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UNO Controller (UNO-T)

UNO controller is a small unit for controlling 6 integrated channels. With the option of temperature control, humidity control and CO2/O2 control.

Full Description

The Okolab UNO is a 6-channel controller compatible with stage top chambers and Okolab objective heaters. This small, yet advanced, controller is displayed to the user via a straightforward 4.3” touch screen display with helpful graphics and a user-friendly interface.

The UNO comes standard with on board data logging from the available sensors to the system. This is stored on the device and can be transferred to a USB device directly.

The UNO comes in three main packages:


This package is designed for direct temperature control through the integrated channels. This controller can maintain temperatures via the external T-Sensor or system integrated sensor for reliable accuracy down to 0.1 degrees Celsius.

This UNO can be combined with any heating element to regulate temperature accurately.


Control temperature and humidity via the uno with this model. With all the functionality of the UNO-T, this model provides regulation of gas.

UNO-T-H-PREMIXED is coupled with a humidity module that accepts pre-mixed CO2/O2 gas, this is then humidified by flowing over warm water. Delivery to the stage top chamber is made via a heated tube, to prevent the risk of condensation.

Gas can be regulated via an included attachment for manual calibrated flow control.


This model allows for digital gas regulation via the UNO interface as well as temperature and humidity controls.

Like the UNO-T-H-PREMIXED this version can control humidity, temperate and gas flow. However, the UNO-T-H-CO2 allows for the control of 100% CO2 for control of the desired concentration between 0-15% with an accuracy of 1%.

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  • Temperature resolution of 0.1 degrees Celsius.

  • Temperature range of 25 to 60 degrees Celsius.

  • Maximum output of 60 watts.

  • Two temperature channels.

  • Data logging available through on-board memory, USB download.

  • 4.3” Touchscreen.

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Objective Heaters

The UNO pairs great with objective heaters (OBJ-COLLAR), the universal objective attachment. With an automatic calibration routine which helps when using immersion and dipping objectives to offset any temperature difference caused when the metal objective is submerged.

Humidity Module Paired with Heated Tube

Gas is simply and effectively humidified by using this attachment. With a heated an insulated tube, gas is connected via the top of the bottle and flows directly to the sample.

Stage Top Chamber

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