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Bold Line Gas Controller for Microscope Incubation

Bold line gas controllers used for the control of CO2, O2 and N2 for use with microscope incubators and microscope enclosures.

  • Accurately control gas for live cell imaging incubators.

  • Monitor gas concentration levels in real time and data logged.

  • Designed for use with stage top incubators and whole microscope enclosures.

Full Description

CO2/O2 gas controller for microscope incubation systems, this controller takes in three input supply of oxygen, carbon dioxide and nitrogen through a wall outlet. This can also be completed using an air pump.

The bold line controller series allows control of gas, temperature and humidity of the sample from a single interface. This controller allows for the control of O2(1-95%), CO2(0-20%) and N2, this can be controlled in cycles via the oko-touch system at a set point resolution of 0.1%.

Categories: Okolab Live Cell Incubation, Okolab Products, Gas Control


  • Mixing of O2/CO2/N2 for use with microscope enclosures and microscope incubators.

  • CO2 Range: 0-20% Accuracy: ± 0.2% at 5% CO2 and 5% O2

  • O2 Range: 1-95% Accuracy: ± 0.3% at 5% CO2 and 5% O2

  • Flow rate: 0.2, 0.3 or 0.4 Nl/min, depending on Oxygen set point

  • Digital flow meter

  • CMOS Sensors

  • Programmable CO2/O2 Cycles

Related Products

Pair the bold line gas controller with one of the following:


Okotouch controllers pair directly with this device for cycle control and measurement through a simple UI interface linking together temperature control, gas control and more.


Humidify the gas line to the sample using the HM-Active humidity control, this comes as a standalone unit. For 50-95% humidity.

Temperature control units

Actively control incubation temperature directly from the sample with closed loop, sample feedback, temperature control systems.

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