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Live Cell Imaging Equipment for Microscopes

We provide full solutions for live cell imaging, without the need to buy one dedicated product. Using an existing microscope, or a new microscope, image cells with a sensitive colour camera and an Okolab setup.


  • Stage top incubators for imaging cells on any microscope brand in a small environment.

  • Whole microscope incubators for imaging in a control environment of the whole setup.

  • Control CO2/O2, humidity and temperature with closed loop feedback.

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Microscopes for Live Cell Imaging

  • Upright microscopes for imaging slides and shallow samples.

  • Inverted microscopes for imaging petri dishes and thicker samples.

  • Stereo and zoom microscopes for flexible imaging.

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Microscopes for Live Cell Imaging

Microscope Cameras for Live Cell Imaging

  • Cameras for imaging on existing microscope setups.

  • Image cells with high sensitivity cameras, or high-resolution full frame.

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Microscope Cameras for Live Cell Imaging
Live Cell Imaging Equipment


Using modular setups such as Okolab give the following benefits:

  • Microscopes and microscope cameras can be upgraded without affecting functionality.

  • Upgrades can be done at any time such as adding CO2 or Humidity. 

  • On the whole more cost efficient than purchasing dedicated systems.

  • More flexibility from software packages.

  • The user is in control of the image quality and operations.

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