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Inverted Microscope

Inverted Microscopes

At Indigo we provide Zeiss inverted microscopes, featuring a range from the budget conscious Primovert, perfect for teaching to the Axio Observer for advanced imaging.


Zeiss inverted microscopes come kitted with advanced technology with features such as light manager and fast snap buttons for their Axiocam range.


Image through:

  • Petri dishes.

  • Glass plates.

  • Bottles and more.

Contact for a quote or more information.

Axio Observer Inverted Microscopes

What is an Inverted Microscope?

An Inverted microscope is similar to an upright microscope, but the objective and illumination are swapped. 


The objective is seated under the sample while the illumination is on top. This allows imaging of whole samples without placing onto a slide, ultimately saving time. With a better optical resolution than a stereo system. 

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