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Single Channel/Dual Channel Imaging of Whole Resin Mounted Samples

HREM in the traditional format does not include more than one fluorescence channel, this is because we utilise negative fluorescence to capture the sample. Making the block fluorescent not the sample, you can add markers outside the range such as LacZ.

Single Channel Optical HREM

A single channel optical HREM gives the whole morphology of the sample as seen in many images. Clear 3D stacks of the sample with high contrast and resolution that for the price is impressive.

  • Clear greyscale images up to 21 megapixels.

  • Whole sample morphology suitable for a long list of samples (zebrafish, embryonic mice, mouse organs, agricultural samples and many more).

  • Fast imaging with single sections.

Single Channel HREM Imaging

Dual Channel Optical HREM

A dual channel Optical HREM allows imaging of the HREM negative fluorescence channel while imaging a channel outside of the HREM excitation range. As shown in the example with LacZ.

Dual channel will capture 2 images per section, one for each channel.

Dual Channel HREM Image

Performing Single and Dual Channel on Optical HREM

HREM can be performed on all Optical HREM (OHREM) systems both the micro and ultra, both offer alternatives and benefits.

Optical HREM Imaging Instrument Setup

Comparison Table

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