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Block Face Imaging System

Complete Capture Systems for Block Face Imaging 

Replace traditional repetitive processes with highly streamlined automared imaging.

Introducing the Optical HREM, a fully comprised set of imaging systems that go beyond a microtome. The Optical HREM systems provide an upright configuration which is fully customisable. 


Optical HREM is used for imaging whole resin blocks at high precision. Automated imaging of 1000s of sections, with years of practice we have made a product dedicated to surface imaging of blocks.

Benefits of Optical High Resolution Episcopic Microscopy

  • The microtome used for Optical HREM is custom designed from the ground up (by us) for surface imaging, not for the residual sections. This includes low noise motors, specific mechanical updates and more. 

  • Completely customisable for you to trial new components or hardware.

  • Scanning stage, with a custom built scanning stage OHREM systems come fully integrated to section and capture/scan up to 4 resin blocks in one experiment. Select different fluorescence configurations, with unlimited images per section.

  • Dedicated software for capture, setup and logging. Software is constantly being updated with more, such as webcam capture, email response and tools that make imaging easier.

  • Wavelength compensation.

  • Cost effective, we make as many parts ourselves to reduce the cost to users while maintaining a system that can perform at its best for many years.

  • Image areas up to 60-100mm accurately and efficiently.

  • Upgradeability, we are always working on improvements and new technologies. All future projects are designed to be integrated with existing systems.

  • Each order is crafted custom, with your specifications and our knowledge we can meet your demands for block face imaging.

  • Not to mention all the accessories and features you wouldn’t know you needed.

Why Indigo Scientific?

We are a small team based in the UK that simply want to help users. The OHREM systems are all a result of demand and customer interactions, for a long term 3D block face imaging solution choose us.

What we will do:

  • Work directly with you to get the system you need.

  • Add features to software and hardware you want/need.

  • Have direct access to the team with reply’s within 24 hours.

  • Over 20 years of optical experience in live cell imaging, cameras, LSM, confocal and more. So we will know what works for you. 

More Info

  • For more information or a quote use contact us

  • Browse the dedicated HREM page

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