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3D Image of Barley HREM

3D Imaging of Agricultural Samples

High-Resolution Episcopic Microscopy (HREM) for 2D and 3D Agricultural Research

High Resolution Episcopic Microscopy(HREM) has been used in the field of agricultural research for imaging samples up to 30mm at a resolution of 1-6 micron voxel size. 

Examples of High Resolution Episcopic Microscopy in Agriculture

Some examples of samples High Resolution Episcopic Microscopy has been used for in agricultural research:

  • 3D Imaging of Barley.

  • 3D Imaging of Other Plant Matter.

  • 3D Imaging of Embryos. 

  • 3D Imaging of Embryonic and Small. Organs under 30mm

Benefits of High Resolution Episcopic Microscopy

  • Because HREM is a surface capture technique it allows for denser tissue to be imaged as well as bone. With no optical sectioning or clearing required.

  • Larger samples can be used that would be harder to image using other 3D techniques are imaged with HREM while providing a high resolution image.

  • High Resolution Episcopic Microscopy can be used in conjunction with other techniques.

More Info

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