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OHREM Utilities

This utilities package is a simple free to use package for managing stacks of images. With some basic, easy to use tools for users.

Download Utilities here (x64 Windows 10/11). It is a free package for all users.

3D Viewer 

A simple 3D viewer, accessible to all, for fast viewing of data for HREM instruments. With simplistic options and basic visualisation. 


The 3D viewer processes images in a basic pipeline for imaging and stores the images in the program data folder (admin rights may be needed). The pipeline can rescale images or automatically process the images for a fast visualisation.

3D HREM Viewer Utilities Cropping
HREM Utilities 3D Image

Stitching & Translation

Utilities contains some basic, easy to use, stitching for automated XY stages. Along with some other simple translation tools.

2D Image Processing for 3D

Apply a simple processing pipeline to a set of images, without complex results. Such as:

  • LUT selection and inversion 

  • Basic thresholding 

  • Cropping of whole stacks 

  • CLAHE 

  • Gamma control and brightness

  • Easy background removal

HREM Processing
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