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3D Histology

Automated Imaging of High Resolution Sections with High Resolution Episcopic Microscopy (HREM)

Image a whole sample through automation and get structural data. With a simple process of a resin block images are sequentially imaged with an Optical HREM image to produce high quality 2D images aligned perfectly for 3D anaylisis. Visualise bone, dense tissue and lighter tissue easily.

Examples of High Resolution Episcopic Microscopy

Some examples of 3D samples:

  • Whole or dissected embryo mouse samples (kidneys, brains, hearts).

  • Zebrafish.

  • Chicken embryos.

  • and more.

Benefits of High Resolution Episcopic Microscopy

Benefits of HREM for Histology in 3D

  • Time saving by imaging sections as they are sectioned.

  • 2D sections for individual analysis and segmentation. Manual and automated.

  • Clear contrast images.

  • Samples from under 1mm up to 30mm. 

  • 1-6 micron voxel sizes. 

  • No sample clearing or optical sectioning. 

  • Combine high resolution individual images with a 3D dataset.


More Info

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  • Browse the dedicated HREM page

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