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3D Mouse Embryo Cross Section

Zebrafish and Mice in 3D with High Resolution Episcopic Microscopy

High-Resolution Episcopic Microscopy (HREM) for 2D/3D for Imaging Zebrafish and Mice

High Resolution Episcopic Microscopy (HREM) has been used to capture mouse and zebrafish matter. OHREM instruments produce large high quality, high throughput stacks with no need for sample clearing or distortion to the block.

This microscopy technique allows for imaging both zebrafish and mice in full 3D, combined with whole 2D images for analysis.

Examples of HREM applications in Zebrafish and Mice

HREM can be used for a variety of scenarios within mice and zebrafish such as:

  • Knockout trials of whole mice pups and embryos. Optical HREM can image whole mice as part of a large knockout trial.

  • Cardiovascular imaging of mice and zebrafishVisualise whole hearts from mice and zebrafish in 2D and 3D.

  • Imaging Brain matter of mice and zebrafishWhole brains can be imaged in 3D.

  • Whole mouse organ imagingHREM has been used to image adult mouse kidney and more.

Advantages for using HREM for imaging mice and zebrafish

  • HREM technique provides 1–6-micron voxel size resolution, which allows for detail beyond other 3D technology.

  • Sample sizes from under 1mm up to 25mm, more if requested allowing for imaging a whole range of mice and zebrafish samples.

  • No clearing, HREM does not require clearing of samples for the images to be produced.

  • The result of the instrument is crisp high contrast morphological images showing full structures.

3D of Mouse Embryo Imaged Using HREM

3D Mouse Embryo and Mouse Pups in Full

Optical HREM systems are often used to capture full morphological data in 3D of mouse embryo and mouse pup samples. The technique High-Resolution Episcopic Microscopy allows for high contrast images with huge amounts of detail even within denser parts of the sample.

Mouse Heart Organ

3D Imaging of Mouse Embryo Organs and Pups

High-Resolution Episcopic Microscopy has been used to image individual organs extracted from the sample. Often Optical HREM systems are used to image hearts extracted from mouse embryos, as well as other organs such as the kidney.

3D Zebrafish with Other Samples

3D Imaging of Zebrafish and Other Pre-Clinical Samples

Samples such as zebrafish/catfish/chick embryos can be used, without the need for clearing. HREM has the advantage of imaging such samples with denser tissue and bone.

More Info on HREM for Imaging Mice and Zebrafish.

  • For more information or a quote use contact us.

  • Browse the dedicated HREM page.

Gallery of Zebrafish and Mice Models

Here are some example captures from the Optical HREM systems, from us and our customers. They show zebrafish, mice, and individual organs.

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